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Mad Men Theme Song Drum Transcription

January 31, 2014


I’m a huge fan of Mad Men- the show AND the opening credit music, which is from a track by RJD2 called “A Beautiful Mine.” I wish I knew more about how he created the drum track. The production sounds similar to DJ Shadow- live drumming sampled and arranged. At any rate, it’s a super-creative […]

What’s On My Music Stand / Little Epiphany

September 10, 2011


In this installment of davebrogansdrumblog I’d like to share what I’ve been working on in the windowless South San Francisco rehearsal studio I call my woodshed. But first a little epiphany:   To successfully learn something difficult you must first simply commit to learning it. You have to have a truthful feeling that, no matter […]

“Shedding,” what does it mean? / The comeback of George Foreman.

August 24, 2011


In the last installment of this blog I wrote about how recording in the studio can be an opportunity to really examine the precision, or lack of, in your playing. Over the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of recording work, with ALO and other artists, and added recording to my practice […]

The Drum Microscope Reveals Inconsistencies in my Playing

July 31, 2011


I’m in the middle of an extended run of recording sessions right now. Last week was a full four days at Light Rail Studios in SF laying down basics for Simon Kurth’s new project, “Huckle,” with Simon on various guitars and Mark Murphy on bass. Next week I continue with Huckle and then jump right […]

Drum Cam Highlights from LAB at the Crown Room – 7/14/11

July 19, 2011


The Master Studies project is well under way. I am continuing to focus on the wonderful teachings of Kenny Werner through his book, Effortless Mastery, and exploring the concepts of “interlocking Moeller strokes,” a form of arm and finger rebound strokes as they apply to “interdependence.” I’m going to post a more extensive article on […]

Tempo memory can save your ass on the gig, I think.

July 7, 2011


Hi, dear readers. I’m fresh back from the High Sierra Music Festival where I played no less than five sets with a host of very awesome musicians including ALO, Tim and Nicki Bluhm, Scott Law, Josh Clark, Sean Leahy and a dead-ringer Mick Jagger look-alike. I had to learn a varied lot of new material […]

Effortless Mastery, Interlocking Moeller Strokes

June 28, 2011


Thank you to all the new subscribers and others who visited this blog last week! I hope you all keep dropping by to keep up on the project and talk drums. Although I plan on doing a whole blog entry on drummer jokes soon, I heard one this last weekend that I’m eager to share:¬†What’s […]