Drum Cam Highlights from LAB at the Crown Room – 7/14/11

Posted on July 19, 2011


The Master Studies project is well under way. I am continuing to focus on the wonderful teachings of Kenny Werner through his book, Effortless Mastery, and exploring the concepts of “interlocking Moeller strokes,” a form of arm and finger rebound strokes as they apply to “interdependence.” I’m going to post a more extensive article on the idea of interdependence, or, separate independent entities working in concert to form a greater “whole,” next week. Turns out it’s a concept getting a lot of attention right now, not only in drumming, but also politics and business management.

This week, though, I’m posting drum cam highlights from a show I recently played at the Crown Room in Lake Tahoe with Steve Adams and Lebo from ALO and Tim and Nicki Bluhm. The Crown Room at the Crystal Bay Casino has the best acoustics and one of the greatest sound systems west of the Rockies. The sound system’s designer, legendary mixing console builder Jim Gamble, was on hand to mix the show.

I shot the kit from two angles. The angle shown here is from a Zoom Q3 taped to a mic stand over the ride cymbal. The audio is taken from the Q3 as well. There are a few moments where I’m playing a fast two beat with a sort-of latin sounding bell part on the cymbals or the toms. This is the concept of interlocking Moeller strokes in action. Hope you enjoy!