Hello, my name is Dave Brogan, and I’m a drummer.

Posted on May 18, 2011


Welcome to my brand new blog. After sifting through dozens of very unsexy, unfunky page styles I finally settled on this one. It’s called “Inuit Types.” I picked it because I liked the name. Reminds me of “Inca Roads,” the great Zappa song. (Did – a – vehicle, didavehicle-didavehicle?)

I am creating a self-designed program of master studies in drum set performance and teaching. While the area of study is drumming, I’m sure that I will uncover many jewels of knowledge applicable to life in general on my path to drum-buddha-ness. In this age of hyper-social cyber-sharing I will share my insights, endeavors and entreaties with you, my dear reader, here, on this blog site.

More to come soon for sure. You can also find out more about me through my website: davebrogan.com.